Smith College. Student Demonstrations Files.


Smith College. Student Demonstrations Files.


The Student Demonstrations files include documents that relate to demonstrations and protests conducted by Smith College students from 1933 to present. These activities include rallies and campaigns regarding national and local issues, ranging from opposition to U.S. wars abroad to conflicts of racism on the Smith campus. Types of materials include academic papers, news clippings, newsletters, photographs, protest signs, and student diaries.


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Items in the Smith College. Student Demonstrations Files. Collection

Student demonstration, August 1969.
Three demonstrators with signs on backs that read, "Concern Unite With Action".

Strike banner hanging in front of Mary Ellen Chase House, Smith College, 5 May 1970.
Banner with a closed fist in the center and the word "STRIKE" written across the top, shown hanging above the entrance to Chase House at Smith College.

College Hall sit-in, October 1990.
Smith College President Mary Maples Dunn, center, addressing students demanding more space for Multicultural Center, October 1990.