Smith College. Buildings Records.


Smith College. Buildings Records.


Records focus on the College's buildings, both extant and demolished. This collection interprets the term "building" loosely, and includes information not only about the buildings themselves, but also about what occurred / occurs in the buildings, especially where student residences are concerned. Much of Smith College student life is and has long been centered in the residential houses, and so a buildings file may contain annual group photographs of house residents, student rosters, house government material, and information on house traditions, in addition to the architectural information, ownership history, and photographs of the building itself.
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Items in the Smith College. Buildings Records. Collection

Students studying in the Neilson Library Periodical Room, undated.
Four students studying at a table in the periodical room; two black students and two white students. A library staff member is in the background.

Neilson Library circulation desk and card catalog, cMarch 1944.
Students in coats and hats standing at circulation desk with librarians Ruth Richason, class of 1936, and Virginia Thompson, class of 1920.

Ruth Mortimer in the Rare Book Room, c1980s.
Rare Book librarian Ruth Mortimer in the Rare Book Room, Neilson Library, standing and looking at a large book on a table.

Student studying in carrel at Neilson Library, undated.
Professional photograph of a student wearing shorts and sitting at a carrel turning a page in a book. The top of the head of another student sitting at the next carrel is barely seen in the picture.

Neilson Library main staircase, 26 August 1982.
Two women stand talking on the Neilson Library main staircase. The photograph is taken from the first floor and you can see the staircase's height.

Neilson Library front exterior with cars, 1961.
Photograph of front of Neilson Library showing 1960 era tail-fin cars, trees near building, and first addition. Probably taken by W.H. Kilham, architect for the 1962 library addition.

Browsing Room, c1910.
Students reading in Library Browsing Room, ca. 1910.

Willliam Allan Neilson Library, summer 1956.
Photograph of exterior front of Neilson Library building, summer 1956. Shows large wood doors and building covered with ivy.

William Allan Neilson Library exterior with bicycles, c1940.
Exterior front photograph of Neilson Library with many bicycles lined up next to the building.

Washburn House, the Library, and Burton Hall, c1910.
Photograph shows Washburn House, the Library, and Burton Hall.