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Help Us Document BSA History

Washington-area African American Smith College students in front of the Grecourt Gates, 30 September 1968.


There is still much work for the BSA and her allies to do on the Smith College campus. Racist incidents continue to happen, as do the hurtful responses to those who try to end such incidents.

We need to try to understand what it was like for the African American women who have lived here since Otelia Cromwell matriculated in 1898. We need to find sources that will recall their voices and we need to share that information.

Black Students Alliance council members, 1993-94.


The BSA has been an agent of change at the College. The struggle continues, but with the BSA's passion and the support of family, friends, and allies, the power of the BSA can improve life for African Americans on campus now and in the future.

Mentha Hynes with members of the Smith College Black Students Alliance, 1999 Smith College Yearbook.


The Smith College Archives staff looks forward to collaborating with anyone who has the desire to learn more about the past of African American women and their allies here at Smith. Also, if you are an alumna member of the BSA who has photographs, letters, or other items documenting BSA activities at Smith, we would love to hear from you.

Help Us Document BSA History