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Bay State Badass, September 2011

Copyright and Terms of Use

For purposes of private study, scholarship, and research, you may print or download this content. Publication and/or broadcast of this material in any form, including on a website, requires permission from the copyright holder (if known) and the Sophia Smith Collection. For more information see the SSC Website Terms of Use page. 

NOTE on Copyright :

Where possible, we have indicated what we know about the creators and copyright owners of these Zines, however, we have been unable to obtain permission to digitize their works since we have no contact information for most of the creators.  We therefore decided to compromise and digitize only the covers for this exhibit, so that we could at least show a sampling of this rich collection of creative works.   If you have any information or concerns regarding copyright to these materials, please contact us.

For more good reasons not to digitize Zines in their entirety, read this excellent post by Kelly Wooten, curator of the Bingham Center Zine Collections at Duke University Libraries:




Terms of Use