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Hampshire Bookshop Co-Founder: Mary Byers Smith

Mary Byers Smith (Class of 1908), circa 1908

Mary Byers Smith

circa 1908

Mary Byers Smith, class of 1908, was the original president of The Hampshire Bookshop. A member of a prominent Andover, Massachusetts family of industrialists and philanthropists, she provided most of the financial support for the Bookshop’s founding and helped determine its mission and business policies. She never lived in Northampton, but commuted from her home in Andover for board meetings and, for about a decade, to work occasionally in the bookstore. Soon after 1926, she passed on the Hampshire Bookshop presidency to Marion Dodd and was never again actively involved in the Bookshop. After 1948 she lived in Boston, but still devoted her life to caring for her mother and doing social service volunteer work. She died in 1983 at the age of 97.


Mary Byers Smith (Class of 1908) in her white Ivy Day dress on the Smith College campus for her 65th reunion, 1973

Mary Byers Smith (holding class numerals) at her 65th reunion at Smith College, 1973 

Hampshire Bookshop Co-Founder: Mary Byers Smith