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Alumnae Assistance

Printed program for benefit performance of Romeo and Juliet, 1908.


The history of the library shows it to be close to alumnae interest through the years. The Alumnae Association at its June meeting in 1893 voted to raise an endowment fund of $20,000 for the library. The Alumnae raised money for the Library Fund in all manner of ways, including theatrical performances, lectures, concerts, rummage sales, and the sale of commemorative spoons.

Smith College Library, L. Clark Seelye Fund bookplate, c1899.


At the annual meeting of the Alumnae Association in June 1899, it was voted to present the College with the sum of $20,000 raised by the Alumnae, with the provision that the income from the fund would be expended for the Library as the Trustees saw desirable. The fund was named in honor of President Seelye and a bookplate was designed for insertion in volumes purchased with the fund. Regulations established by the Trustees included: 1) a Library Committee consisting of the President, ex officio, the Librarian and the Alumnae Trustees; 2) annually the Department Heads should present to the Committee estimates of amounts needed; 3) the Committee should designate the amount available for each department. Thus the first Library Committee was formed.