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Seelye Hall

Seelye Hall Library, Smith College, 1904.


Seelye Hall, built in 1899 and named in honor of President Seelye, was planned to include space for a library as well as needed recitation rooms. The library, circular in form, was located in the center of the building. The books were arranged in stacks radiating from an open space around three parallel tiers of galleries with glass floors. The ceiling was dome-shaped, with skylights of light amber cathedral glass. The walls were colored green, and the wood and iron work cream white. Shelf space was planned to accommodate about 44,000 volumes. This arrangement met the needs of the College until the present library building was erected in 1908–09.

Smith College Library's "Classification and Location of Books," ca. 1899.
Interior of the Seelye Hall library, 1905.