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Neilson Library Today

Neilson Library centennial celebration banner, fall 2009.

 Ideas Live Here, 2009

“We’re redefining what it means to be a library today.”
~ Chris Loring, Director of Smith College Libraries

Today at Neilson Library students can work at large tables surrounded by fellow students, as Smithies did back in 1909 when the library first opened, or they can work in individual carrels, as Smithies began to do in the 1930s.

Today the Studio space on the first floor allows students to work in new collaborative ways: with white boards, multimedia equipment, and moveable furniture to accommodate groups.

Students in the Mair Room, winter 2009.


Today the Information Commons on the first floor provides space for computers, printers, special software, students, and reference librarians to work together.

First floor exhibition video, Neilson Library.<br />


Soon students will be able to enjoy a new, comfortable and welcoming Reading Room, just inside the main entrance., as fundraising recently has been completed for this exciting renovation.

“Today, paradoxically, in this age of networked information, the library as a physical space is more important than ever,” notes Library Director Chris Loring. “That is why we continue to work to create inspiring environments within these spaces for study, learning, interaction, and discovery.”