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The Libraries' Vision Statement

Students in the Mair Room, winter 2009.


The Smith College Libraries are the intellectual crossroads for the Smith College community. We promote scholarly research and discourse by leading the campus in acquiring, organizing, and making information accessible. We create inspiring environments for study, interaction, and discovery. We engage the community we serve through our diverse collections, services, and staff.
·    As partners in the education of women for the 21st century, we actively collaborate in teaching and learning across campus.
·    As service providers, we offer innovative and responsive services - directly and behind-the-scenes - to facilitate research, inquiry, and exploration.
·    As collectors, we anticipate evolving curricular and research needs and cultivate the broad liberal arts tradition by ensuring access to rich and diverse resources.
·    As curators of outstanding archives and manuscript collections on women's experience, we enrich the Smith curriculum, promote broad access to the international scholarly community, and preserve these unique records for future generations.
·    As a locus for intellectual reflection, exploration, and engagement, the Libraries provide comfortable and inviting facilities for individuals and groups.
·    As a virtual space, the Libraries marshal current and emerging technologies to provide state-of-the-art resources and services.
·    As an organization, we embrace the best of tradition and change.