"A Perennial Blessing" : Celebrating Sophia Smith

An exhibition commemorating the bicentennial of the birth of Sophia Smith, August 27, 1796.

History of the Exhibition

The exhibition provides detailed information on the founding and early history of Smith College. College Archivist, Margery Sly along with Jacque Bradley '97 prepared the physical exhibition from January to August 1996 for display in the Smith College Archives. It was adapted for the World-Wide Web by Peter Nelson to allow much fuller access to the Archives' Sophia Smith-related holdings than was possible in the physical exhibition.

It is an early demonstrated product of the Five College Archives Digital Access Project, funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The project's main goal is to develop and make widely accessible in electronic format a variety of archival collections that support historical research, teaching and knowledge.

Use Statement

Unless otherwise noted, all the materials displayed in this exhibit are from the Smith College Archives and are intended solely for study and personal enjoyment. Publication in any form or medium without written consent from the Smith College archives is prohibited.


A Product of the Five College Archives Digital Access Project © 1997 Five Colleges, Inc., Funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Last modified: 1 April 1997