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History of the Black Students Alliance at Smith College


The legacy of the Black Student Alliance at Smith College begins in the late 1890s, when Smith's first African-American students, Otelia Cromwell, Class of 1900, and Ethel and Helen Chestnutt, Class of 1901, attended. Seventy years later the Black Students Alliance (BSA) was officially chartered to "establish for its members a sense of unity and identity within the smaller community of Smith College while at the same time emphasizing their common interest in, and relationship to, the larger black community of the nation." Learn more about the BSA's history through this exhibition.


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"A Warm Place in My Heart": Mary Josephine Rogers and Smith College


Mary Josephine Rogers (1882-1955) graduated from Smith College in 1905. "Strangely enough," she later wrote, "God used Smith College as the instrument through which my vocation to foreign mission work materialized and naturally it has a warm place in my heart." Rogers went on to found the Maryknoll Sisters, a group of Catholic Sisters dedicated to missionary work overseas. She received an honorary degree from the College in 1950. This exhibition documents her life as a Smith College student and the development of her interest in Catholic missions.


Smith College Class of 1905, sophomore year group photograph, 1902

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Growing Branches: A History of Smith College's Specialty Libraries

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Joining Neilson Library in its centennial celebration, the branch libraries are hosting their own historical exhibitions. Each of Smith College’s branch libraries has its own unique history and place within the scholarly community. The exhibitions give some background of the events and people behind their founding, and the physical spaces they have occupied over the years.


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The Heart of Our Place of Learning: William Allan Neilson Library, 1909 - 2009

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“A library is the heart of a place of learning.”  
~ Margaret Storrs Grierson, Smith class of 1922, Executive Secretary of the Friends of the Smith College Library, College Archivist, and first Director of the Sophia Smith Collection

Neilson Library opened for research and discovery on November 22, 1909. To celebrate the Library’s centennial and document the history of Smith's first library building, the College Archives presents this exhibition.

This web exhibition is based on a physical exhibition that was on view in the Book Arts Gallery at Neilson Library from 9 November 2009 through 30 March 2010. 

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