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Photograph of Otelia Cromwell in 1950, the year she received an honorary degree from Smith College.

Back row: Dr. Hyla S. Waters, Class of 1915; Benjamin F. Wright, President of the College 1949-59. Front Row: Otelia Cromwell, Class of 1900; Mary Josephine Rogers, Class of 1905 (Mother Mary Joseph); Eatharine Asher (Engle), Class of 1920.

Western Union telegraph sent to Annetta Clark, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Smith College.

Elizabeth Davidge Brigham, Class of 1958 (left), and E. Carvel Glidden, Class of 1957 (right), playing singles on a tennis court.
Photocopy of newspaper clipping dated 30 October 1951. Mentions number of services, weddings, etc., that take place in the "Little Chapel" space in Neilson Library. Appeared in Smith College "SCAN".
Photograph of exterior front of Neilson Library building, summer 1956. Shows large wood doors and building covered with ivy.
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