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Ralph Harlow of the Department of Religion and Biblical Literature replies to President William Allan Neilson's request for improving the library. Suggests a faculty browsing room and club rooms for men and women faculty members.

Student poem about working in a library carrel. Handwritten on a printed document titled "Final Declaration of Interest on Certificates of Contribution, The Provident Loan Society of New York, 346 Fourth Avenue, New York 10, N.Y."

Cyanotype of the first Smith College Library in College Hall. The books remained here until Seelye Hall was opened in 1900.

Inauguration of President Burton. Procession leaving Library to go to John M. Greene Hall, 5 October 1910. E.S. Draper, Governor of Massachusetts is marching with President Burton. Calvin Coolidge, Mayor of Northampton, and L.Clark Seelye, retiring…

This room was on the second floor of the original "H" shaped building.
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