The Cover of The Home-Maker



The Cover of The Home-Maker


Marion Harland was the author of over 75 works of fiction and domestic advice, hundreds of magazine articles, and short stories. A lifelong supporter of the cult of domesticity, Harland was never a feminist and even briefly allied with the anti-suffrage movement. Nevertheless, she promoted an ideal of womanhood that was strong, intellectual, and capable of independent living. Although Harland made it clear that women were duty-bound to keep a well ordered home, she also recognized and lamented the limitations placed on women; Harland wrote, "It must a fine thing to be a man on some accounts-to be emancipated forever." Eminently practical, witty, sarcastic, encouraging, and kind, Harland's "The Home-Maker" contains a collection of stories in various departments, such as how to properly care for an infant, lists of homework for house wives, and a section on home literature. Also, there is a list of articles appropriate to the home and the domestic sphere for women: "Dish-washing as a Fine Art" and "Getting Ready for the Winter."




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